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Microsoft News 28-May-2015

Very little to cover here, except one possibly controversial article on Hyper-V that you long-time readers might expect me to write an angry response to … Hyper-V Hyper-V’s Biggest Weakness: A post that I wrote for Petri.com. When to use Hyper-V Dynamic Memory versus Runtime Memory Resize: Similar but different tools. Hyper-V and Disk Fragmentation:…

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Microsoft News – 9 January 2015

3 big announcements from Azure last night plus a useful Hyper-V reporting script feature today. Hyper-V Hyper-V Reporting Script: A post by Ben Armstrong promoting a very useful script by Hyper-V MVP Serhat AKINCI System Center Hyper-V NVGRE Gateway Toolkit: An alternative way to deploy Hyper-V NVGRE gateways Have a say on the future of…

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Build A WS2012 Hyper-V Cloud Using PowerShell

Fellow MVP David Lachari found a great series of Microsoft blog posts on how to use PowerShell scripts (with examples) to build a Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V cloud.  It’s some impressive stuff. You might want to check out my series of posts on converged fabrics to understand some of the stuff in this series. Technorati…

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Got My Paperback Copies of Microsoft Private Cloud Computing

After a 2 week snafu by the local An Post office in my town and me being abroad, I finally gotten my copies of Microsoft Private Cloud Computing this morning. This is the point when you can finally say “it’s finished”.  Now on to other things … Technorati Tags: Books,System Center,VMM,Cloud Computing,Private Cloud

VMware Cloud Management Stuck In The 1990s

Credit to Dave Northey (DPE, MSFT IE) for blogging this one.  VMware’s CTO, Dr. Stephen Herrod says: VMware Cloud Infrastructure Suite is really more of a marketing term. Those of you know our products deeply know that they don’t fit this well together as they need to. Some of them have multiple databases, some don’t…

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