Microsoft Private Cloud Computing Book Nearing The Stores

I just saw this tweet by Damian Flynn, regarding the book Microsoft Private Cloud Computing (Sybex, 2012):

#MsftPrivateCloud And it is done, that final edits have being submitted and the printer takes ownership tomorrow!

Hans, Patrick and Damian did in incredible amount of work on this book.  In fact, Damian went the extra mile *twice* (or was it three times? Smile) to make sure the reader got the very best and latest information on this solution (it’s hard writing a book on something before it RTMs).  Gentlemen, I salute you!


Amazon has a date of July 3rd posted.  That’s not always accurate.  And yes, there will be ebook versions, such as Kindle.  Don’t ask me when – you’ll know before I do.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft Private Cloud Computing Book Nearing The Stores”

  1. My favorite part is an MS book on cloud computing being sold by a cloud competitor – Amazon.


  2. Awesome book I like how you slowly cover all topics in cloud, really enjoy reading this book not done yet still reading.

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