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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Deliver Highly Available Secure Web Application Gateway and Web Application Firewall

Speaker: Amit Srivastava, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Mission Critical HTTP Applications Always On Secure Scalable Telemetry Polygot – variety of backed, IaaS, PaaS, on-prem Many things to think about. What Azure Pieces Can We Use? WAG AFD CDN WAF Azure Load Balancer Azure Traffic Manager WAG Regional ADS as a service. A full reverse proxy.…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Delivering Services Privately in Your VNet with Azure Private Link

Speakers: Narayan Annamalai, Group Program Manager, Microsoft Sumeet Mittal, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Private PaaS We’ve been using Service Endpoint in addition with ACLs on the PaaS services. But this doesn’t provide an IP on the subnet. NSGs still need to allow access to all IPs of that PaaS service, e.g. all storage accounts. Private…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Building and Managing Distributed Micro-Perimeters With Azure Firewall

Speaker: Yair Tor, Principal Program Manager Azure Firewall Cloud native stateful firewall as a service. A first among public cloud providers. Central governance of all traffic flows Built in high availability and auto scale Network and application traffic filtering Centralized policy across VNets and subscriptions Complete VNet protection Filter outbound, inbound, spoke-spoke Centralized logging Best…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Global Transit Network Architectures With Azure Virtual WAN

Speakers: Reshmi Yandapalli (main speaker), Principal Program Manager Ben Peeri, KPMG customer story Lots more content in the hidden slides in the download. Scale Usual stats. Interesting note: a new POP being built almost every day. Azure WAN: Global Transit Architecture The Beginning HQ/Bigger Office Branhc office(s) Users Private WAN Shared services Start with HQ.…

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Private Connections to Azure PaaS Services

In this post, I’d like to explain a few options you have to get secure/private connections to Azure’s platform-as-a-service offerings. Express Route – Microsoft Peering   ExpressRoute comes in a few forms, but at a basic level, it’s a “WAN” connection to Azure virtual networks via one or more virtual network gateways; Customers this private…

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