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Errors When You Add A Cert To Application Gateway Listener From Key Vault

This post is dealing with a situation where you attempt to add a certificate to a v2 Azure Application Gateway/Firewall (WAG_v2/WAF_v2) from an Azure Key Vault. The attempt fails and any further attempt to delete/modify the certificate fails with this error: Invalid value for the identities ‘/subscriptions/xxxxxxx/resourcegroups/myapp/providers/Microsoft.ManagedIdentity/userAssignedIdentities/myapp-waf-id’. The ‘UserAssignedIdentities’ property keys should only be empty…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Deliver Highly Available Secure Web Application Gateway and Web Application Firewall

Speaker: Amit Srivastava, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Mission Critical HTTP Applications Always On Secure Scalable Telemetry Polygot – variety of backed, IaaS, PaaS, on-prem Many things to think about. What Azure Pieces Can We Use? WAG AFD CDN WAF Azure Load Balancer Azure Traffic Manager WAG Regional ADS as a service. A full reverse proxy.…

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