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Hyper-V Cross-Premises Cloud with OpenStack in the Pipes

Cloud.com is working with Microsoft to integrated Hyper-V into their OpenStack project.  “OpenStack is a collection of open source technology products delivering a scalable, secure, standards-based cloud computing software solution. OpenStack is currently developing two interrelated technologies: OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Object Storage. OpenStack Compute is the internal fabric of the cloud creating and managing…

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Defining Cloud Computing

One of the most infuriation things about cloud computing has been the marketing that wraps it up.  There are a couple of international service providers (both having datacenters here in Ireland) who pretend that they invented “the cloud” when they sell it.  There are plenty of marketing people who try to define “the cloud” as…

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Internet Explorer 9 Beta

The IE9 beta has been launched by Microsoft.  I just read a review that says it brings features that have been long needed.  One of those si a download manager.  Yup, IE badly needed this.  In the age of wifi networking (prone to interruption) and mobile computing (who hasn’t had to hibernate the laptop in…

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Dynamic IP Restrictions Extension for IIS Beta

DDOS was the topic of the week with the CAO office in Ireland being repeatedly attacked.  Microsoft released a beta of a new IIS module, called Dynamic IP Restrictions Extension for IIS.  The idea is that the web server will deny connection requests from detected DDOS and brute force password attackers.  I don’t know how…

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Web Farm Framework for IIS 7

This has been released for W2008 and W2008 R2 x64.  I didn’t find a 32-bit version (for W2008).  You can learn more about this solution in a series of articles discussing the beta. Technorati Tags: Windows Server 2008,Windows Server 2008 R2,Internet

The Cloud Future of OpsMgr and VMM

There’s a lot of developments on the way for the next versions of Operations Manager and Virtual Machine Manager.  A lot of those are aimed at Azure integration.  You can read more about the future here. Technorati Tags: Operations Manager,VMM,System Center,Hyper-V,Virtualisation,Internet