Call For Speakers – Cloud Camp, October 17th

My employers, MicroWarehouse, are running a community event in the Dublin Convention Centre on October 17th. Cloud Camp is a tech event, with four tracks covering:

  • Azure Infrastructure: Virtual machines, storage, networking, etc
  • Azure Platform: Web Apps, Containers, etc
  • Productivity & Security: Office 365, EMS, etc
  • Windows Server 2019 & Hybrid: Windows Admin Center, virtualization, clustering, storage, networking, private cloud, etc

UPDATE: We have enough submissions on Office, Intune, and M365 overviews. We need more on Azure IaaS and Azure PaaS. But we really want sessions on Windows Admin Center, Windows Server 2019, and data protection using Azure Information Protection & Client App Security.


Samuel Beckett bridge and Dublin Convention Center – Daniel Dudek,

We’re looking for speakers from around Europe to fill the slots. Expenses are being covered:

  • Flights
  • 2 nights accommodation – the nights before and after the event
  • Tickets to the event

If you’re interested in speaking then please submit your bio and session proposal(s) here.

Webinar Recording: Defending Today’s Threats With Tomorrow’s Security By Microsoft

MicroWarehouse has posted the recording of our last webinar, which explained why the security solutions of the 1990s that some companies are still relying on, are being easily defeated by attackers today.

The post explains what is happening now, based on 2015 survey information from multiple sources. And I explain how a number of cloud-based security services from Microsoft can protect both your on-premises and cloud infrastructures from these modern attack methods, that your firewall and anti-malware scanning will let pass right through or never see.

In fact, I just saw a support request on a security issue that 2 of the solutions in this webinar would have prevented.


We have also shared the slides and a hand-out with some follow-up reading/watching.

Webinar Recording – An Introduction to Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

I recently presented a webinar, hosted by my employer MicroWarehouse, on an introduction to Microsoft EMS. The timing worked out pretty sweetly – Microsoft had just announced:

  • The renaming of EMS from Enterprise Mobility Suite to Enterprise Mobility + Security, emphasising that security is most of what EMS does.
  • The new E5 EMS bundle that will be released in Q4 of 2016.


We have posted the recording of the session on, along with the PowerPoint deck, and some follow up links for reading and learning. EMS is a great suite to learn about, and a great package to consider adopting for securing the endpoints (devices and users) against attack. And you’d be amazed how often the elements of EMS are the answers to security questions.

Speaking of security, our next webinar is coming on July 21st at 2PM UK/Irish time, 3PM CET or 9AM Eastern:

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Microsoft News – 30 September 2015

Microsoft announced a lot of stuff at AzureCon last night so there’s lots of “launch” posts to describe the features. I also found a glut of 2012 R2 Hyper-V related KB articles & hotfixes from the last month or so.


Windows Server


Office 365


Microsoft News – 28 September 2015

Wow, the year is flying by fast. There’s a bunch of stuff to read here. Microsoft has stepped up the amount of information being released on WS2016 Hyper-V (and related) features. EMS is growing in terms of features and functionality. And Azure IaaS continues to release lots of new features.


Windows Client


System Center

Office 365