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Azure Virtual WAN – Connectivity

In this post, I’ll explain how Azure Virtual WAN offers its core service: connections. SD-WAN Some of you might be thinking – this is just for large corporations and I’m outta here. Don’t run just yet. Azure Virtual WAN is a rethinking of how to: Connect users to Azure services and on-premises at the same time…

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The Office – Construction Complete

The construction of Cloud Mechanix global HQ finished yesterday afternoon. The final piece to go in place was the step up to the door. You can really see the slope in the site in the below photo. If you step in you can see the all-wood finish, with the 1st fitting electrics, ready for the…

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The New Office – Day 3

It’s Monday and day 3 of the construction of Cloud Mechanix Global HQ. On Friday, the carpenters finished the steel roof and installed the wall studs for the cavity wall with insulation, as you can see in the photo. One of the options we selected in the installation was to have a “plinth” and step…

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The New Office – Construction Has Begun

It is day 2 of the construction of our new office. The carpenters arrived exactly at 9 am yesterday morning, bang-on time, to begin the assembly and construction of our new garden office – the global headquarters of Cloud Mechanix. My only concern at the start was whether the site would be level enough for…

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Thanks to Masaaki Komori for sharing their work on Unsplash.

Azure Virtual WAN ARM – The Chicken & Egg Gateway ID Discombobulation

This post will explain how to deal with the gateway ID properties in the Azure Microsoft.Network/virtualhubs resource when using ARM templates. Background The Azure WAN Hub is capable of having 3 gateway sub-resources: Point-to-site VPN: Microsoft.Network/p2sVpnGateways VPN (site-to-site): Microsoft.Network/vpnGateways ExpressRoute: Microsoft.Network/expressRouteGateways, which does not support diagnostic settings in the 2020-04-01 API As you would expect,…

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