Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Windows Server on Azure Overview, Lift-and-Shift Migrations for Enterprise Workloads

Speakers: Rob Hindman, Microsoft Elden Christensen, Microsoft Why Windows + Azure Unmatched security Built-in hybrid Most cost effective Unparalleled innovation and deep trust with enterprises Weighing Your Options Rehost – lift and shift Refactor, rearchitect or rebuild – modernize/transform Workloads Typically dictates your migration options. Windows Server 2008/R2 Lift-and-shift to Azure offers free extended security … Continue reading “Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Windows Server on Azure Overview, Lift-and-Shift Migrations for Enterprise Workloads”

Windows Server 2019 Did Not RTM – And Why That Matters

I will start this article by saying there is a lot in Windows Server 2019 to like. There are good reasons to want to upgrade to it or deploy it – if I was still in the on-premises server business I would have been downloading the bits as soon as they were shared. As you … Continue reading “Windows Server 2019 Did Not RTM – And Why That Matters”

Microsoft Ignite 2018–Windows Server 2019 Deep Dive

Speaker: Jeff Woolsey Azure Hybrid is a first-thought thing in MS. It’s not bolted on. How do they make Azure one-click away for customers who need to connect. Azure Pillar #2 is hybrid. Windows Server 2019 pillar #1 is Hybrid. Admin Center 1.7 million servers under management since it launched a few months ago. All … Continue reading “Microsoft Ignite 2018–Windows Server 2019 Deep Dive”

Online Windows Server Mini-Conference – June 26th

Microsoft wants to remind you that they have this product called Windows Server, and that it has a Windows Server 2016 release, a cool new administration console, and a future (Windows Server 2019). In order to do that, Microsoft will be hosting an online conference on June 26th with some of the big names behind … Continue reading “Online Windows Server Mini-Conference – June 26th”

Windows Server 2019 Announced for H2 2018

Last night, Microsoft announced that Windows Server 2019 would be released, generally available, in the second half of 2018. I suspect that the big bash will be Ignite in Orlando at the end of September, possibly with a release that week, but maybe in October – that’s been the pattern lately. LTSC Microsoft is referring … Continue reading “Windows Server 2019 Announced for H2 2018”

Windows Server Fall Release (1709) Technical Foundation

Speaker: Jeff Woolsey, Principal Program Manager WS2016 Recap Design points Layered security for emerging threats:  Jeff has been affected by 4 of the big, well publicised hacks. CEOs are being fired because of this stuff now. Build the software-defined data centre Create a cloud-optimized application platform Security in WS2016 Long laundry list of features: Defender, … Continue reading “Windows Server Fall Release (1709) Technical Foundation”

Windows Server – What’s New & What’s Next

Speakers: Erin Chapple, General Manger Windows Server Chris Van Wesep, Director Product Marketing Erin Chapple starts things. Today they’ll talk about what’s new in Windows Server, what’s the future, and the hybrid/migration opportunities. WS2016 Looking Back Most cloud-ready OS: Built-in security: Protection of identity (Credential Guard), secure the virtualization platform (shielded VMs, vTPM), and built-in … Continue reading “Windows Server – What’s New & What’s Next”

Big Changes to Windows Server–Semi-Annual Channel

Microsoft has just announced that they are splitting Windows Server and System Center into two channels: Long-Term Servicing Channel (aka Branch) Semi-Annual Channel Long-Term Servicing Channel This is the program that we’ve been using for years. Going forward, we will get a new version of Windows Server every 2-3 years. This big-bang release is what … Continue reading “Big Changes to Windows Server–Semi-Annual Channel”

How To Use Docker To Stop And Remove All Windows Server Containers

I’ve been playing around with Containers on Windows Server 2016 GA. I can’t say I’m enthralled with Docker being the default interface for Containers now, but I understand Microsoft’s motivation. I needed a way to quickly: Stop all running containers on a host Remove all containers from the host If this was PowerShell, it would … Continue reading “How To Use Docker To Stop And Remove All Windows Server Containers”

Ignite 2016 – Discover What’s New In Windows Server 2016 Virtualization

This post is a collection of my notes from the Ben Armstrong’s (Principal Program Manager Lead in Hyper-V) session (original here) on the features of WS2016 Hyper-V. The session is an overview of the features that are new, why they’re there, and what they do. There’s no deep-dives. A Summary of New Features Here is … Continue reading “Ignite 2016 – Discover What’s New In Windows Server 2016 Virtualization”