Got My Paperback Copies of Microsoft Private Cloud Computing

After a 2 week snafu by the local An Post office in my town and me being abroad, I finally gotten my copies of Microsoft Private Cloud Computing this morning.


This is the point when you can finally say “it’s finished”.  Now on to other things …

5 thoughts on “Got My Paperback Copies of Microsoft Private Cloud Computing”

  1. Hi Aidan,

    Just received my copy from Amazon. Only took a week to reach me in Australia!

    Looking forward to sitting down to read it over a glass of wine!


  2. Great book so far, however the part around the Citrix Netscaler is highly frustrating. Downloading the virtual appliance, getting a licence code, requiring the hostname of my (non-existent) Citrix License server and finding the download link for the Netscaler provider MSI which is not mentioned in the book and after googling serveral blogs results in an access denied (despite being logged on to MyCitrix).

    Hope there will be an addendum soon for the SP1 changes…

    1. You’ll have to wait for someone to write Citrix Cloud Computing 😉 When writing a book, you have to stop somewhere, otherwise you quickly exceed 1,000 pages and the editors send out a hitman.

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