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Free Online Training – Azure Network Security

On June 19th, I will be teaching a FREE online class called Securing Azure Services & Data Through Azure Networking. I’ve run a number of Cloud Mechanix training classes and I’ve had several requests asking if I would ever consider doing something online because I wasn’t doing the classes outside of Europe. Well … here’s…

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Failed to add new rule: IpSecurityRestriction.VnetSubnetResourceId is invalid.

This post is focused on a scenario where you are creating an Access Restriction rule in an Azure App Service to allow client requests from a subnet in a Virtual Network (VNET) and you get this error: Failed to add new rule: IpSecurityRestriction.VnetSubnetResourceId is invalid. For request GET https://management.azure.com/subscriptions/xxxxxx/resourceGroups/xxxxxx/providers/Microsoft.Network/virtualNetworks/xxxxxx/taggedTrafficConsumers?api-version=2018-01-01 with clientRequestId xxxxxx and correlationRequestId xxxxxx,…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Securing Your Cloud Perimeter With Azure Network Security

Speaker: Sinead O’Donvan (Irish, by the accent) Zero Trust Architecture document 7 pillars: Identity Devices Data Apps Infrastructure Networking – the focus here Verify explicitly every access control Being on the network is not enough Use least privilege access IP address is not enough Assume breach No one is perfectly secure. Identify the breach. Contain…

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