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Azure Virtual WAN – Connectivity

In this post, I’ll explain how Azure Virtual WAN offers its core service: connections. SD-WAN Some of you might be thinking – this is just for large corporations and I’m outta here. Don’t run just yet. Azure Virtual WAN is a rethinking of how to: Connect users to Azure services and on-premises at the same time…

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Microsoft Ignite 2019 – Global Transit Network Architectures With Azure Virtual WAN

Speakers: Reshmi Yandapalli (main speaker), Principal Program Manager Ben Peeri, KPMG customer story Lots more content in the hidden slides in the download. Scale Usual stats. Interesting note: a new POP being built almost every day. Azure WAN: Global Transit Architecture The Beginning HQ/Bigger Office Branhc office(s) Users Private WAN Shared services Start with HQ.…

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Network Tunnel

Private Connections to Azure PaaS Services

In this post, I’d like to explain a few options you have to get secure/private connections to Azure’s platform-as-a-service offerings. Express Route – Microsoft Peering   ExpressRoute comes in a few forms, but at a basic level, it’s a “WAN” connection to Azure virtual networks via one or more virtual network gateways; Customers this private…

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