Microsoft News – 2 February 2015

The big news of the last few days was the announcement that the next version of “Windows Server and System Center” won’t be released until 2016. This is quite disappointing.

Windows Server

Windows Client



  • IaaS Gotchas: Compliance gotchas as it pertains to providing infrastructure as a service.

One thought on “Microsoft News – 2 February 2015”

  1. I’m fine with this if they for the love of all things IT, grant “all” function aspects of HV/Cluster management to SCVMM and better QA with there Rollup compiling. Can you please pass along to someone on this team, that since 2008 SCVMM why they have left out the “Clipboard” option in the VM console???? It’s in Hyper-V manager console, FOC Console, 5Nine Manager console also has it. But for inexplicable reasons it’s not in the “catch-all” HV manager….End Rant

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