Living With Windows Phone 8 – Day 1

Today a nice new Nokia Lumia 820 arrived to my desk.  I decided that I would try to use it to supplant my iPhone 4 that has run my life since November 2010.  That should be … interesting.

As usual, getting Windows Phone 8 setup for personal usage was a breeze.  I put in my Live ID and my social networks and contacts were synchronised from the cloud.  I added my Office 365 account and my mail/calendar were sorted, quickly followed by disabling Hotmail sync.  Facebook and Twitter apps were installed, and I updated the Nokia Drive and photo apps.  All very easy.  This is where Windows Phone excels.  It is designed to be a social phone OS.

The two challenges I’m facing are:

  • Finding a working podcast solution – Podcasts are hidden from us (Ireland) in the Marketplace … “licensing” is the excuse from Microsoft which is flat out BS.  Such region crippling is inexcusable.  One of the paid-for podcasts apps is allegedly written and sold by Windows Phone developers that are employed by Microsoft.  Things that make you go Hmmm.
  • Finding an audio book solution that allows you to play and keep place for 3rd party content.

As for other apps that I use, I’ve found them before on my work phone (the excellent HTC 8x handset) and I expect no issues there.  They’re usually navigation and photography related: Irish Tides, a sunrise/sunset app, etc. 

BTW, the Nokia alternative reality app is really cool.  Some of the guys in the office loved it.  I can see it being useful when in a strange location and seeking somewhere to eat, like a group of us were a month ago in rural Florida.

My FM transmitter will be fine … it’s a Belkin gadget that connects to the phone via a 3.5 mm audio jack.  That’s playback in the car sorted.  I’ve seen lots of comments about car Bluetooth.  Let’s see how my near-new Focus (Ford Sync is still an expensive option here) with a Parrot interface does.

I’ll post more on my progress as time goes by.


Somewhere someone is sending a panicked email right now Smile *evil laugh*

2 thoughts on “Living With Windows Phone 8 – Day 1”

  1. I have a Lumia 920 and face the same issues… For Podcasts I found a “nice” workaround with the windows phone software and iTunes. You can tell the software to use the podcasts from iTunes.
    A good solution for audio books has still to be found, in this case I still use my Ipod classic..

    1. I tied beta 3 of the WP desktop app with iTunes. Quite messy. A real McGuyver solution which I’m not willing to tolerate. That crap is for penguin huggers.

      I tried -a lot- of podcast apps last night. The best I found was Podcast Picker. None met my requirements 100%.

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