The Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Book FAQ

I’m getting lots of questions about the release of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Installation And Configuration Guide.  I’ll deal with them all here.

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The Kindle version of the book is available now and the paper version is out in the USA, with release in Europe coming soon (please see Amazon with 1 mouse click instead of emailing me).

Is System Center Covered In The Book?

No, it is not.  The book is 600 pages long, not 6,000.  There is already enough in WS2012 to fill an above-average-size tech book (which it did) than to include the massive System Center products.  This book gives you the fundamentals that are essential to understand for designing and managing a Hyper-V cloud, even if you’re hiding it under System Center.

I Found A Typo

We do our best to eliminate these but the editing process sometimes introduces errors, e.g. we submit our graphics, it gets re-drawn, we ask for changes, and sometimes those things get missed.  A chapter might be written with a correct scalability limit before RTM, and then a new limit is announced at RTM time.  These things happen.  Please contact Wiley directly.

Are The Scripts Available To Download?

No.  Some of the scripts in the book are quite long and detailed.  People have asked if there is a download somewhere.  There is not – and this was my decision.  Wiley asked if we would like to share the scripts online.  I decided that I didn’t want a person who didn’t buy the book to get value from our research and work.  Once they get shared online … they’ll appear all over the place, no matter what copyright you put on them.  So take the time to type them out – maybe you’ll understand the code a little better, and maybe you’ll improve them!

Does the book include a PDF?

The book does not include a PDF.

Can You Give Me A PDF Because <Insert Story Here>?


Will there be a Kindle, Epub, etc, electronic version available?

E-book versions will be released.  Usually that is at the same time or soon after the paper version of the book.  See the Wiley site for more details.

What About O’Reilly?

I have no idea.  Contact O’Reilly.  Same for their pricing; it is nothing to do with me.

Why Can’t I Get The Book In My Country?

I don’t know.  Distribution is handled by the publisher.

Why is Amazon charging more for the Kindle version?

There is a small chance that Amazon will continue to sell the paper book at the pre-release discount price for a short time after the release.  That happens sometimes.  And for a brief period, the Kindle version is more expensive.


I’m looking forward to the release.  The project started a long time ago and a lot of man-hours went into it.

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  1. My apologies – I didn’t specify I was thinking of SCVMM 2012 SP1 and not Windows SP1. Does that change the answer at all or is SCVMM 2012 not included in the book (I saw no mention of it on the Amazon listing).

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