Give Your Feedback on Future Windows Server Releases

You have probably already heard about Windows Insider, a program for providing feedback and shaping the future of Windows on client devices – not that I did not say “Windows 10” because the Insiders program will live beyond the RTM of Windows 10 this summer.

Similarly, the Windows Server group has launched a feedback forum. Here you can:

  • Search for or browse for feedback
  • Comment on and vote for existing feedback
  • Submit your own unique ideas

Now let’s be realistic – not everything will be done:

  • Some ideas are daft 🙂
  • You’ll find a few things that are already in the TPv2 release of WS2016
  • Some things won’t suit Microsoft’s strategy
  • And some things will take more time than is available – but maybe planning for future releases will be impacted

Here’s what I’ve voted for, commented on or submitted so far:

  • Remember Domain Logins: I find it really annoying that the TPv2 release won’t remember previous domain logons and I have to type my domain\username over and over and over and …
  • Storage Replica Requirement of Datacenter Edition: Microsoft is planning to only include SR in the Datacenter edition of WS2016. Most of the storage machines I see are physical and licensed with Standard or Storage Server editions. It’ll probably be cheaper to go with 3rd party software than DC edition 🙁
  • Storage Spaces advanced tiering: I like the idea of bringing a cloud tier to Windows Server, instead of reserving it in the silly StorSimple appliance. I don’t agree with restricting it to Storage Spaces.
  • Create a Hyper-V Cluster without AD: Imagine a HYPER-V world (don’t let the SQL heads muddy the waters) without Kerberos!!! Simple SOFS, simple Live Migration, and yes, System Center would need to catch up.
  • VM Placement Without System Center: Even those who can afford or want to deploy SCVMM often choose not to enable Dynamic Optimization. Let’s bring this feature into Windows Server, where it belongs.
  • New integrated UI for Hyper-V: Let’s replace Hyper-V Manager, Failover Cluster Manager, and SCVMM with one integrated Hyper-V tool that is a part of Windows Server. The cloud folks can use Azure Stack. SCVMM is broken, and the experience is fragmented. Everyone agrees except fanboys and SCVMM team members.
  • Change how Hyper-V Manager creates VM folder structure: Sarah, Ben & Taylor – if you fix this, I guarantee a round of applause at the next Ignite. This is the CMD prompt CTRL+V of Hyper-V.

This is your opportunity to shape Windows Server. I’ve had that privilege as an MVP – it’s not always immediate but there are headline things in WS2016 that I’ve contributed some feedback for and it feels damned good to see them presented on stage. You can feel that too. If you choose to stay silent, then please stay that way when you’re unhappy.

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