My Hyper-V Session at Microsoft Ignite

The details of my session have been confirmed. The session is called “The Hidden Treasures of Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V”, and the description is:

It’s one thing to hear about and see a great demo of a Hyper-V feature. But how do you put them into practice? This session takes you through some of those lesser-known elements of Hyper-V that have made for great demonstrations, introduces you to some of the lesser-known features, and shows you best practices, how to increase serviceability & uptime, and design/usage tips for making the most of your investment in Hyper-V.

Basically, there’s lots of stuff in Hyper-V that many folks don’t know exists. These features can make administration easier, reduce the time to get things done, and even give you more time at home. These are the hidden treasures of Hyper-V, and are there for everyone from the small biz to the large enterprise.

I went WS2012 R2 because:

  • That’s the Hyper-V that you can use in production now.
  • We’re a long way from the release of vNext.
  • There’s lots of value there that most aren’t aware of.
  • Plenty of excellent MSFT folks will be talking about vNext.

The session isn’t on the catalogue yet but I expect it to be there soon.

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