Disable Auto-Playing Video Adverts In Chrome

I HATE auto-playing video adverts. They’re loud, they interrupt what I do want to watch & listen to, and they are usually inappropriate. And worse: they are appearing EVERYWHERE.

I use the Chrome browser for my general stuff (IE for the Microsoft stuff). Thankfully, it’s not too hard to selectively disable video on those sites that cause offense, such as The Verge, CIO.com, and TheJournal.ie.

In Chrome, open the content settings by browsing to chrome://chrome/settings/content.

Scroll down the Content Settings dialog until you find Plug-Ins. I like to let plug-ins run automatically and manage the painful exceptions. Click Manage Exceptions.


Enter in the URL of the site that you are browsing that is running the offending advert (plug-in). You can use wildcards here, such as [*.]cio.com. You can allow, block (totally) or ask (block but allow you to start) any plug-ins on that site.


Back in the Content Settings dialog you also have the option to manage particular plug-ins. Maybe something is installed that you’d like to block. You can do that there by disabling the plug-in. You can also allow some plug-ins to always run.

But I’m of the preference of punishing those sites that put this shit on my screen and speakers, like The Verge, CIO.com and TheJournal.ie.

And for those of you who want to block video ads in IE or Firefox

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