No Prompt To Connect To Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

My quest to be able to present wirelessly via Windows 8.1 Miracast from a tablet continued. When at the MVP Summit in early November I ordered a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter from the Microsoft Store (the brick and mortar store in Bellevue had none).

A few weeks ago I tried the device with a large Sony display TV that we have in the boardroom at work. The dongle is powered via USB – the intention is that you plug this into any available USB port in the TV. The dongle connects to the TV via HDMI. That’s easy to connect up and it only takes the device a few seconds to power up. It prompted me to connect my device.

So I tried my Toshiba KIRAbook. And then I tried my Lenovo Yoga. Both have compatible processors. And neither could connect. I had two symptoms:

  • The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter did not appear in the device search results
  • If I could see the device to connect to it, I was not prompted with a PIN to confirm the connection and it would time out.

I thought I had a dud device – and me being back in Ireland would make a return impossible. I knew it wasn’t a regional issue because I know of a company in Ireland using one and MVP Didier Van Hoye confirmed that his one is working.

So I gave up … sort of. Today I had time (finally) to test it out again. This time I connected the USB port to a phone power adapter and plugged it straight into an electrical outlet. The HDMI port went into a TV. And then I tested with:

  • Toshiba Encore 8” Windows 8.1 tablet
  • Toahiba KIRAbook

And the connection worked. Right now, Family Guy (Netflix USA) is streaming video and audio to the TV from the KIRAbook.

So the problem is (I believe) that not all TVs output enough power via their USB port to adequately meet the needs of the dongle. The solution is to power the dongle directly from an electrical socket.

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  1. We’ve been using one that I brought back from Bellevue and it’s great. Biggest issue was that some of the older TVs in the office don’t have a USB – time for some upgrades 🙂

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