Told Ya So Munich – Linux Sucks

How I laughed back in 2003 when I read that Munich was “dumping” Windows to migrate all servers, desktops and productivity software to Linux and open source. At the time I was deploying an XP and Windows Server 2003 network in a German group, headquartered in Munich. I saw up close, how dumb some local IT people could be (hello Marco of HVB and Hypo Real Estate IT! – another case of “I told you so” muppetry).

You see, the Munich city government decided to dump all Microsoft software. Everyone, other than penguin huggers, told them that they were nuts. If you value productivity and collaboration, you go with Microsoft. Even a college student, educated with an open mind instead of brainwashed by a “son of Linus”, can tell you that off-the-shelf software that you pay for is cheaper to buy and own than free software that you have to customise and maintain.

And that’s the lesson that Munich has learned in the last 10 years.

Firstly it took from 2003 until 2013 for Munich to complete the migration. Sounds mad, right? The whole story is mired in secrecy, political rhetoric, and bullshi1t marketing. What we do know is that employees are complaining that they cannot get work done. They can’t figure out Linux workstations. Their productivity software is inferior to Office. And what they produce is incompatible with their customers/suppliers/partners.

Oh well! I guess Munich can find some open source scheiße to use over the next 10 years to migrate back to Microsoft. Or maybe they can hire a giant consulting firm that will cost too much.

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5 Replies to “Told Ya So Munich – Linux Sucks”

  1. Linux not sucks, but you have to know where you can use Linux and where you should use Windows.
    In my opinion for Desktop and most of BackOffice there is no replacement for Windows.
    (maybe OSX – but this is subject for other discussion 🙂 )

    I recently use Linuxes for:
    – cheap SMTP smarthost (if cost of Exchange Edge is to expensive)
    – spam/av mail scanning (I have my own SAAS service based on Linux)
    – simple websites with PHP/MySQL if Azure or licensing is to expensive
    – cheap basic mail servers for not advanced users… if they don’t trust external ISP or for example
    – some network devices – like IPS, syslog etc.
    – Open Source monitoring like Zabbix, RRD, etc.

  2. Didn’t this have anything to do with a new vice-mayor that’s pro MS, but the city council was still firmly behind the project?

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