Microsoft News Summary – 7 August 2014

Very little happening. These quiet times are great for rumours.

Oh – and don’t use Generation 2 virtual machines on WS2012 R2 Hyper-V.

One thought on “Microsoft News Summary – 7 August 2014”

  1. I’m glad i have read this post. I’m having a similar situation with a Gen2 machine with SQL 2014. THe machine is in a Hyper-v 2012 R2 cluster with 2 Dell R820 connected to a Dell MD3620i via 10Gb links, so performance should not be an issue. The problem appears when the machine is on for at least 3/4 weeks, and it causes some queries that usually take 3sec to take around 3min to complete and when that happens i notice some spikes in the processors that normally don’t happen, if the machine is rebooted the problem goes away for another 3/4 weeks. Now the “solution” is a scheduled weekly reboot late night because luckily it’s a store that’s closed at night. I’ll test it with a a Gen 1 machine and see if it helps.
    Shame on you Microsoft, hope there is a fix soon.

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