A Few IT Podcasts To Consider

You’ve probably seen me mention TWiT a few times in the past.  There’s two podcasts, hosted by Leo Laporte, that they do that I subscribe to.

Security Now

Steve Gibson is the featured presenter.  The focus is security, but it often (weekly) strays into off-topic but mostly interesting areas.  In the first part of the show, you get a breakdown of what’s happened in IT security in the last week, be it a big hack, a new vulnerability, updates to be especially aware of, and so on.  Steve’s gift here is that he’s a 1’s and 0’s developer and really understands it.  The rest of the show alternates between delving into a topic one week (like router buffer bloat) or Q&A on recent discussions the next week.  And then there’s the tangents … coffee making, sci-fi books, gadget purchases, portable dog silencing devices, … you get the idea Smile 

Windows Weekly

Paul Thurrot and Mary-Jo Foley are featured in this podcast, talking all things Windows.  It is very much consumer oriented, but every now and then Mary-Jo sneaks in some Hyper-V news, much to the enjoyment of Leo Winking smile  My pet peeve is the Windows Phone news, but I guess someone has bought one Smile with tongue out  The value of this show is to hear the story behind the blog posts from two of the biggest names in Microsoft news reporting.

RunAs Radio

I’ve been looking for a podcast aimed at the IT Pro listener ever since I got my iPhone.  And somehow my searches never found RunAs Radio.  To be honest, I only found them when I was asked about being a guest one week (I recorded the show on Monday night and it will be released in a few weeks).  I might be late to the party, but it’s a treasure trove.  I drove around 1,000 KM last week for a road show, and this podcast kept me entertained and educated for a large portion of it.  Each week, the host Richard Campbell – sometimes with Greg Hughes – chats with a guest about some topic that we who work with IT in the business world will want to listen to … MDT 2012, System Center 2012, Hyper-V, SQL 2012, IPv6 …. it’s all there and more, with guests like MVPs, Mark Minasi, Rhonda Layfield, Jeff Woolsey … and soon: me!

So if you want to make your travelling more enjoyable and educational, fire up iTunes and subscribe to these podcasts … or find their RSS feeds and copy/paste them into Zune … and happy listening!

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