Weird Browsing Mix: Google Chrome and Bing

Quite a while ago, I switched from using Internet Explorer to Google Chrome as my default browser of choice.  I just got tired of IE being slow and crashing.  That switch has worked out pretty well.  In fact where it’s most noticeable is when logging into services like Microsoft Connect where IE can get it’s knickers into a twist and refuses to let you log in because of “site problems”.  It’s kind of ironic that I don’t get that with Chrome on a Microsoft site Smile

Yeah, yeah, I’m an MVP and I work in a Microsoft centric world … but I also want to use a dependable tool … and MVPs are defined as being independent experts – my advice is worthless if I just tout the “company line” and I don’t actually work for “the company”.

I have been using Google as my default page and search engine since I first became aware of the service.  I decided to switch to Bing a couple of months ago.  Yeah … Bing is my default site and search engine on Chrome!  For the most part, it’s fine.  But there are times when I’m after something precise when it fails me, and I have to switch to Google to get the result I want.  I’d say I’m about 80% confident in Bing where I’d be 90% confident in Google.

When in the USA for the MVP Summit the Curse of Zune (things that work one way or are available in the USA, and aren’t available or work differently outside of the USA) that Bing suffers from was very noticeable.  Bing in the USA is a completely different creature than Bing from Ireland.  I wish Microsoft would realise that the vast majority of customers reside outside the 50 states, and realising this is how Google (search) and Apple (iTunes) have dominance in their respective fields.

One thought on “Weird Browsing Mix: Google Chrome and Bing”

  1. Hi Aidan,

    i tried to use Bing for a while, but i switched back after a while because i got way better results with google. But for now i found this one: It’s from one really smart guy but i find it real good substitute for google, although the smartness of the guy isn’t reflected in the name of the searchengine.. 😉

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