Bob Muglia Fired?

Steve Ballmer sent an email to employees to say that Bob Muglia, the executive in charge of cloud, server and tools, was no longer employed by Microsoft. You might be able to read that as the latest of the Nero-esque executive firings. And I guess that it’s another division that Ballmer will take direct control over?

If you are a division lead (any left now?) it might be a good time to prepare your alternative plans.

I really don’t think that Microsoft shareholders will tolerate this for very much longer.

I’ll miss the “Bob Muglia cloud drinking game”; it beats being told that MS wants nothing to do with you if you’re not interested in the cloud.

2 thoughts on “Bob Muglia Fired?”

    1. Nothing new … I don’t know how orderly it could be in the mid-swing of things under Muglia’s control. And it’s yet another executive that directly reports to Ballmer that is out. Everyone I’m talking to thinks Ballmer won’t be in charge for much longer. You can only blame everyone else for so long … well … until everyone else is gone.

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