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I presented session 2 in the Private Cloud Academy series last Friday in Microsoft Ireland.  That event focused on SCVMM 2008 R2 with SP1, Virtual Machine Servicing Tool 3.0, and Operations Manager 2007 R2 with PRO integration (with SCVMM).  It was a very demo driven session.  I had 25 slides but I probably only used half of them.  And as usual, there were lots of questions.

The next event was originally scheduled for March 18th but it has been rescheduled to March 25th.  Session 3 will focus on System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 and how you can use it in a virtualised environment.

I’ll start off with a high level view of backup and virtualisation.  For example, VM’s are usually “just” files making them easier to backup, restore, and replicate.  One of the biggest things people need to understand when backing up a Hyper-V cluster is how redirected I/O affects operations when using CSV.  And that means spending quite a bit of time on how a cluster should be designed.  That leads to backup strategy.

Once the theory is done we’ll get into the usual end-to-end demos.  I’ll be backing up VM’s on a CSV, backing up SQL workloads, and so on.  Then we move onto site-site replication of DPM, and maybe even automated restoration of VM’s in a secondary site.

If time permits, I’ll go on to talk about DR design possibilities, seeing as it is a related subject.

Sound interesting?  If so, go ahead and register if you can make it to Dublin (Ireland) on the day.

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