Confirmed: Cisco To Sell Servers

Reuters has reported that Cisco will indeed sell servers for the data centre. They will partner with the likes of EMC, VMware, Intel, Microsoft, CA and … BMC. 

This move will put them head to head with the likes of Dell, HP and IBM.  The server world is moving towards virtualisation.  90% of physical servers will end up being virtualisation hosts so it makes sense to aim at this market.  There’s two things we know that won’t really change too much in demand: storage and networking.  Cisco aren’t a storage company but they are a networking company, despite their efforts to become better known as a “unified communications” company.

BMC hmmm?  I know them only for the Patrol product.  I didn’t like it because it required you to pretty much complete it with scripting and programming.  I wonder if something bigger isn’t going on.

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