Here Comes IE7

The final "release" version of Internet Explorer is going to be avale for download this month.  It will initially be available for downloads and will then be available via Automatic Updates.

I really like IE7.  I’ve been using beta releases of it for several months.  There are some nigglies (like not be able to permanently approve actions for specified sites) but on the whole, it’s a major upgrade from IE6.  I make great use of the RSS reader and tabbed browsing is a plus.  The latter was long overdue from the IE team.

IE7 will be made available via automatic updates and via WSUS.  WSUS administrators can choose to not approve the download thus preventing automated deployment of IE7 on their networks.  There is a tool to prevent automated download via Automatic Updates for standalone computers. 

The IE team has posted an entry on their blog about how to prepare for the deployment of IE7.

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