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It’s with great sadness that I am announcing that this is my last day at MicroWarehouse, a company that I have enjoyed working with for over 7 years.

I joined MWH in 2011. My role was to work with Irish Microsoft partners, mostly in the small/medium business space, to grow the System Center business. My work with Hyper-V was a gateway to System Center and, at first, this worked … until Microsoft changed the licensing of System Center & enterprise agreements which killed that business for us.

Nearly 5 years ago my role changed from on-premises to The Cloud, when Microsoft asked us to take the lead on growing Azure business in the breadth market. I logged into Azure for the first time and started learning– for 9 months before I spoke to my first customer. And I’ve been learning every day since because that is the nature of Azure.

The great thing about working for MicroWarehouse was the people. The company has a family feel about it. We are literally thrown out of the office if we’re still in the building at 17:45! And the MD gives out to us for answering email at night! The company had my back when I went through some bad times, giving me time off to deal with things. I can even say that MWH changed my life, because one day this new hire sat at the desk beside me, and eventually married me 😊

The staff in MWH are the very best at what they do. The sales team totally know their stuff, and no one can match them. Any little tricks I know about licensing come from Rob, Angela, and Nicole. Our core sales team knows every little nook and cranny – you want to know about Surface or it’s accessories then they know the lot. The accounts and logistics team are all over everything – they sort out so many problems in Microsoft that customers could never comprehend – they’re the ninjas behind the scenes. And, of course, there’s the Marketing team; every time I’ve been speaking at an MWH event, training course or webinar, they’re the ones running things.

In short, if you are a Microsoft partner operating in Ireland, Northern or Republic of, then there’s no better choice than MicroWarehouse as your distributor or CSP Indirect. We’ve gone up against the best the UK has to offer and they are no match – there’s a reason we crushed the competition! Even though my time here is ending, I hope that MWH continues to thrive.

I’ve also made lots of friends in the Microsoft and MS partner world. My job was to engage with partners and that’s what I did … a lot. I’ve met some impressive people over the years and I’ve learned a lot from our customers too. I’m going to miss that.

I don’t view my departure as me leaving MWH. I didn’t look to leave, I never entered any job hunting process. I was really happy here. Instead, I’m going to something … I’ll share that soon.

Thank you MicroWarehouse. I’ve had an amazing time.

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