New Virtual Machines Series in Azure Dublin / North Europe

I was helping troubleshoot something for a customer today when I noticed that some of the newer VM series have finally arrived in Azure’s Dublin / North Europe region:

  • D_v3: The successor to the D_v2 machines (including the “S” Premium Storage variants) that are designed for disk/database workloads. The machine is 28% cheaper than the RRP of the D_v2, but that’s because it offers VMs on hosts with Hyperthreading … which reduces CPU performance by 28%. Common workloads care more about affordable core counts than GHz, which is what the D_v3 offers.
  • E_v3: The memory-optimized versions (more memory) of the D_v2 are also here, with the same 28% price/GHz reduction.
  • NV: These are machines with direct (not virtualized) access to NVIDIA M60 chipsets on their hosts, specialized for desktop virtualization.
  • NC: You can run virtual machines that are designed for computational workloads (simulations, etc) with these machines, using non-virtualized access to NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPUs.

I’ve just upgraded this server (shutdown – resize  – restart) from a DS2_v2 to a DS2_v3.

FYI, if you are still using the D_v2 promo offer in North Europe, you had better start planning for upgrading to the D_v3 soon if you want to keep that low price. It’s just a matter of time now until Microsoft announces the end of the pre-D_v3 promotion on D_v2 machines, and the price of the D_v2 returns back to normal (28% higher than the promo).

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3 thoughts on “New Virtual Machines Series in Azure Dublin / North Europe”

  1. Did Microsoft just made the B series available in north Europe?! I was going to change my Ds11 promo VM to Es2 just to find the B series there!

    1. Yes B-Series is there too. Make sure you are aware of the CPU limits first. If your VM is “bursty” then B-Series is good, but if you need constant CPU usage, then B-Series is not for you.

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