I Am Running My “Starting Azure Infrastructure” Course in London on Feb 22/23

I am delighted to announce the dates of the first delivery of my own bespoke Azure training in London, UK, on February 21st and 22nd. All the details can be found here.

In my day job, I have been teaching Irish Microsoft partners about Azure for the past three years, using training materials that I developed for my employer. I’m not usually one to brag, but we’ve been getting awesome reviews on that training and it has been critical to us developing a fast growing Azure market. I’ve tweeted about those training activities and many of my followers have asked about the possibility of bringing this training abroad.

So a new venture has started, with brand new training, called Cloud Mechanix. With this business, I am bringing brand-new Azure training to the UK and Europe.  This isn’t Microsoft official training – this is my real world, how-to, get-it-done training, written and presented by me. We are keeping the classes small – I have learned that this makes for a better environment for the attendees. And best of all – the cost is low. This isn’t £2,000 training. This isn’t even £1,000 training.

The first course is booked and will be running in London (quite central) on Feb 22-23. It’s a 2-day “Starting Azure Infrastructure” course that will get noobies to Azure ready to deploy solutions using Azure VMs. And experience has shown that my training also teaches a lot to those that think they already know Azure VMs. You can learn all about this course, the venue, dates, costs, and more here.

I’m excited by this because this is my business (with my wife as partner). I’ve had friends, such as Mark Minasi, telling me to do this for years. And today, I’m thrilled to make this happen. Hopefully some of you will be too and register for this training Smile

7 thoughts on “I Am Running My “Starting Azure Infrastructure” Course in London on Feb 22/23”

    1. That’s a great question. The USA is “interesting” when it comes to the accounting side of things compared to the European Union. I definitely want to do the USA, but first I want to figure out how/when/etc to get over the logistical challenges of the American tax system.

  1. Excellent! Ive always learned by MVP’s who know the real world. I even created a whole MS training based on Minasi’s (audio)books. So you offering this training fits real well in our (small) company.

    Do you know when you have more dates available? We can’t send our whole ops team at once, so we have to plan multiple visits. So more dates would be appreciated so we can plan ahead.

    1. Hi Denis,

      Thanks! We should be announcing more soon. London has sold enough to give us confidence in the venture. We’ll announce more in the new year.


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