What Courier Can You Use For Azure Drive Import?

Azure offers a service where you can do out-of-band data transfers to/from Azure by sending physical disks via courier. Sounds great – right? Except….


OK, I have had some pretty awful experiences with FedEx – including receiving parcels from Microsoft, funnily enough – but I can get over that.

Let’s go over to FedEx and see how much it will cost me to send a parcel of disks from my office to the nearby Azure North region, here in Ireland.


Hmm, so I cannot send data from a location in Ireland, where Azure is officially sold by Microsoft, to Azure Europe North, which is located “somewhere” in Ireland (use Google and it won’t take you long to find what I am not allowed to share).

So I reached out to @AzureSupport on Twitter. They came back with a response.

Courier to ship disks to Azure

So you don’t need to use FedEx to ship to Microsoft, but you need an account with FedEx to get your disk(s) back.

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