My 8th MVP Award

July 1st rolled around, and once again I was refreshing my browser nervously checking the MVP portal to see if I was still listed or not. It’s that time of year, when my MVP award for 2014-2015 expires and I find out if I am renewed for 2015-2016. Then around lunch time I noticed a change on my MVP profile page; the Number Of MVP Awards increased from 7 to 8:


I’ve just gotten the official notification:

Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2015 Microsoft® MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in Hyper-V technical communities during the past year.

This is my 7th Hyper-V MVP award (my first year was with Configuration Manager). After all these years I still get nervous and I don’t take it for granted that Microsoft will renew my status (see here). It’s quite an honour to be included with my MVP colleagues in a very select program with some career changing opportunities.

Thank you once again to my workmates, the folks at, my sponsors and those who have asked me to present, you who attend my presentations and read my stuff here and on, the MVP program, the Hyper-V team and the other teams that I interact with (and annoy from time to time – sorry Ben and Sarah!), and, of course, my fiancée Nicole for her support.

OK year 8, who can I annoy this time around? *evil laugh*

5 thoughts on “My 8th MVP Award”

  1. Congratulations, I found your website a few months ago and it has been a source of excellent knowledge for Hyper-V and other topics. Carry on the good work.

  2. It’s refreshing you give honest, to-the-point and sometimes contentious insights and opinions, well done for keeping it up! Its easy to give up with the constant change-arounds and short-comings but good that MS have endorsed you (although they’d be crazy not to!) – even they must appreciate real feedback instead of blind belief walking off the cliff. Long may you continue.

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