Two Weeks Until Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Life

There are just 14 days let for you to get off of W2003 and W2003 R2 before patches dry up and security is a theory on your network. Boo hoo. Of course, you understand that I really don’t care for sob stories – I see them more as tragic comedies.

One thought on “Two Weeks Until Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Life”

  1. Well if Tragic Comedies is what it is, then get ready for a full summer of Tragic Comedies!! The project I am working on is getting hit daily from Directors and Managers that are for one reason or another upset that I am even asking them about their plans for upgrading. “I” did not end Server 2003. “I” did not force you to purchase a shitty application that is stuck on Server 2000 technology let alone 2003. 2012..? Not even up for consideration… I cannot wait for this shoe’s to start hitting the floor… I am more than ready to assist on upgrading and yes I have proven techniques in place to make it as painless as possible. But your attitude is driving up my rate on a daily basis. Fingers will be pointed, more shitty applications will be purchased that will promise the sky but deliver nothing. In the end it’s going to happen. My message to them is perhaps its time for them to think about retiring or working in another field…

    The resistance I am facing is astonishing… But, I guess job security is a good thing…

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