Living with & Paying for Azure VM Backup

This site is running on an Azure Basic A2 VM with 127 GB of storage. I back it up in two ways:

  • There is an Azure Backup (AB) agent installed in the guest OS, and that backs up an export of MySQL and the IIS content.
  • I use the (preview) feature that allows you to grab a daily backup of a VM. This is what I want to focus on.

I have deployed a GRS backup vault. The usage summary is:


The storage cost of the backup this month will be around €2.5776 (72 * €0.0358 per GB) and the instance cost will be €7.447 (The VM size falls into 50-500 GB).

There is a daily backup with 4 weeks of retention. Right now, there are 29 days of history:


Backup can be slow (ranges from 47 minutes to 4 hours and 13 minutes), but I haven’t had any issues.


I haven’t had to do a restore, but so far, so good.

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6 thoughts on “Living with & Paying for Azure VM Backup”

  1. So Azure backup uses deduplication and/or compression for VM backups?
    Could you tell us your dedup rate? 72 GB for 29days in total seems pretty good.


    1. I want to own a VM 🙂 The website would have worked very well, I’m sure. But I wanted to experience Azure for myself – my job doesn’t involve much “owning IT”. Plus by using my own MySQL, I have more options to me than by using ClearDB. I could have done website-VLAN VPN for that – but it wasn’t an option back when I moved to Azure.

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