My First Blog Post Written & Posted Using OneNote

Hey genius, I know that the text of this article is clipped. Why don’t you read why before commenting?

Late yesterday afternoon, Microsoft announced that they had released a OneNote Publisher plug-in for WordPress that allows you to:

  1. Write your blog post using OneNote on any device of your choosing
  2. Log into your WordPress admin page and directly import your post from your online OneNote account to publish it, formatting and all.

How well does it work? I’ll let you be the judge of that because this is the very first post that I’ve written for that wasn’t written using Microsoft Live Writer.

You install the plugin as normal in WordPress. Then follow the help to configure a link to your OneNote account. The plug-in adds a button to the Add New Post page in WordPress. Click that button to connect to OneNote and select your article.

A pop-up window opens. This requires you to log into your Microsoft Account, and the very first access will require you to link your site with your OneNote account. Give it a few seconds, and the window will populate with all your notebooks, sections, and pages. Select the page that is your article and click OK.

It takes about 20 seconds for the article to appear in the Add New Post window, with most of your formatting – text formatting is fine but image location (centre) is lost, and more bad things happen which become apparent after clicking Publish (see later).

At this point, format your images, and sort out the metadata and SEO stuff in wp-admin and you can publish your article.

What do I think of this integration? I love the ability to write on any device, even offline, and have my work available on any other device. I’ve often started a post in place A and finished it in place B on a different device, requiring me to either remember to “post draft to blog” or use remote connectivity to get to the first machine.

What do I not like? I am losing some of the metadata stuff that Live Writer makes easy, but the silver lining on that cloud is that it would force me to do that stuff better in wp-admin. Formatting of line spacing is poor. And if your text box in OneNote is too wide then the article line width gets messed up. You should see some of that here.

Am I going to try use this new method of writing and posting? I’ve actually changed my mind about this. I originally posted “absolutely”. Now I have to say “absolutely; when Microsoft sorts out some of the bugs”. The potential for a GREAT solution is there, but right now, it’s just potential.

10 thoughts on “My First Blog Post Written & Posted Using OneNote”

  1. I’m viewing on a mobile device but…its the first post where the padding on the right is off and so I am missing a few letters at the end of each line. The potential is there. I do love one note, a very productive tool.

  2. Trying to read this entry using Chrome and the text on the right hand is cut off, something appears to be very wrong with the margin.

  3. I can’t see some of the text in the right side. I’m using an iPad. Before Onenote it was not a problem.

  4. Formatting in Edge has the right hand side of the text cut of slight.. Not sure if that happens normally, or if that’s OneNote doing it..

  5. Yeah – I think most of the people started reading the blog post but it’s hard to read and frustrating when the right side gets cut off. Even though you explain it in the article, it’s pretty distracting to read an article with words missing. Just my two cents… nice write up though. Just started using Onenote on my surface and loving it after years of using a mac. Cheers!

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