Welcome To 3CX As A Site Sponsor

I would like to welcome a new sponsor on my site: 3CX (@3cx).

Who are 3CX?

3CX VoIP Phone System for Windows is an IP PBX / SIP proxy that completely replaces a traditional proprietary phone system. It uses standard SIP software or hardware phones, supports VoIP providers / SIP Trunks & phone lines and offers numerous benefits over a traditional PBX. The commercial editions offer enterprise grade support as well as a number of business features. A FREE edition is available. A demo license key allowing you to try all commercial features for two simultaneous lines will be sent to your email address.



There is also a nice list of awards on their banner page. And yes, there is support for Hyper-V Smile

Please pay 3CX a visit to check out what they might be able to do for you.

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