Guest on RunAs Radio Talking Azure RemoteApp

Richard Campbell, the host of the RunAs Radio podcast, saw a tweet from me talking about Azure AD, and thought he should ask me back on to have a chat. I had been working on developing training materials on RemoteApp. The use-case that caught my interest was the ability to use RemoteApp to remove the effect of latency. We talk for half an hour about this.


The “design” I talk about in the podcast (recorded a few weeks ago) works, and I’ve presented using it. I’ve written some posts on about my experiences:

In the design, virtual DCs, file server, and application servers run as VMs in an Azure network. RemoteApp publishes applications on another network. A VNET to VNET VPN connects the server and RA networks, enabling the RA session hosts to join the domain. Users log into RemoteApp, and then it’s all normal RDS at that point:

  • GPO applies
  • Log in script runs
  • Published applications have fast access to application servers
  • Users save data in the company’s Azure VMs

It’s a nice solution!

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