TEE14–Designing Scale Out File Servers, Including vNext

I am live blogging this session. Refresh to see more.

Speaker: Claus Joergensen

I arrived in 15 minutes late so the start of this is missing. Claus was finishing off a refresh on Storage Spaces.

The session so far seems to be aimed at beginners to SOFS – of which there are plenty. I will not take detailed notes on this piece unless I hear something I haven’t heard before.


  • Can I use SOFS for IQ workloads. Not recommended. Design for the files of Hyper-V, SQL.
  • CSV Cache Size? As big as you can. e.g. 64 GB
  • Uses SOFS as file share witness for Hyper-V clusters? yes, but specific instructions
  • How many nodes? 2-4 nodes in a SOFS
  • Evaluate performance? Not file copy. Use DiskSpd
  • Disable NetBIOS? Yes. It can reduce failover times.


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