Windows Server vNext Technical Preview is Available

You can see the features of the next version of Hyper-V (and related parts of Windows Server) here.

I just checked and you can find:

  • Windows Server (Standard) Technical Preview
  • Windows Server Datacenter Technical Preview
  • Hyper-V Server Technical Preview

The Windows 10 technical previews are also there.


An image is available in the Azure gallery for the Windows Server Technical Preview. I deployed it in Europe North and it works fine.


You can also get the Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview.

What’s New in the Windows Server Technical Preview

The System Center preview (minus SCCM) is also available to download from MSDN. Note that App Controller no longer exists, and Windows Azure Pack should be used instead.


Microsoft has released the Windows Server & System Center previews to the general public.

4 thoughts on “Windows Server vNext Technical Preview is Available”

  1. Some nice features in Windows Server vNext but doesn’t look like Live Storage Migration of Shared VHDXs is one of them ๐Ÿ™

    1. I wouldn’t judge vNext yet. As was stated at the Win10 press event, these are VERY EARLY builds. Microsoft has a new way of developing Windows, so I doubt everything is done in parallel as it might once have been. I’m not saying the feature will be there, but I’m saying we cannot judge the GA release (mid-late next year) at this very early stage.

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