I’ve Accepted The Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’ve not been hiding in a cave then you’ve heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge which is being used to raise funds for and awareness of ALS, known here as Motor Neurone Disease. The Editorial Director for the Petri IT Knowledgebase, Jeff James, took the bullet and has passed the challenge on to me.

Jeff, I accept your challenge. I’ll be doing it at work tomorrow at lunch time.

Maybe I’ve pissed you, the reader, off in some way. Maybe you’re one of the many vFanboys that I take fun in ridiculing? Or maybe you work in Microsoft and I’ve annoyed you one-too-many times. If you’d like to see me soaked and freezing my cajones off (it’s quite cold in Ireland lately) then please do me a favour, give generously to the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association or a local version of that organisation that supports ALS or MND victims & families. Get your revenge, and dig deep!

Oh and be warned … I will be naming 3 people that I’ve already selected 🙂

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