See You At TechEd Europe 2014

Speaking at TechEd has been one of my career ambitions for years – it is the pinnacle of speaking in the Microsoft world. I started of presenting at MSFT community events and had no such goal. But eventually I reached the point with my knowledge of Hyper-V that I felt like I could contribute and that I wanted to speak on the bigger stage; certainly presenting one of the sessions at the WS2012 launch in London (1000 attendees in the room) fired me up even more. I submitted sessions to TechEd, but never got anywhere. I gave up on my goal last year.

Then things fell into place at TechEd North America. I wasn’t going to do Speaker Idol. But when I was asked, I had an idea and I said to myself “frak it, do it! It’ll be fun to do”. And I ended up winning a slot in “TechEd” int he USA next year. I also talked to some folks and they gave me some advice about submitting sessions for TEE14. I submitted one session and …

Getting good news is always a nice way to finish the day. Early yesterday evening I received an email informing me that Microsoft had picked their sessions/speakers for TEE14. I followed the link to check the status of my submission and there it said:

Approval Status: Approved

Yes; I did my happy dance 😀 My guess is that we cannot talk about our sessions yet, but you can safely guess that I’ll be talking about Hyper-V.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you there when I present … at TechEd!

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