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In case you are wondering, I am not blogging everything I come across. Anything that is focused in my key interest areas goes on here. But there are LOTS of other things, and those lots of other things would take up an entire life to blog.

Others have done a good job blogging so why would I waste effort duplicating what they have already done. I tweet as @joe_elway and that’s where you will see everything that I recommend. I’ll link to news, System Center, security, news, and odd-ball stuff. And occasionally, I’ll go off one one Smile

I am also doing a lot of writing and blogging for the Petri IT Knowledgebase. You’ll find 2 long tech articles, 2 op-eds, and 6 KB articles, mainly on Microsoft virtualization and related areas, every month on Petri. My tech stuff has been “back to basics”.

No – I have not stopped writing on this site. This blog continues to be my primary place to write. It is a little quiet lately because there is not much new to write about. I’m continuing to add stuff about fixes, and you’ll continue to find articles on things I’ve learned in the lab or in the field.

I suspect we’ll have new product announcements at TechEd Europe in October (for the alleged “Threshold” releases in April) so expect the pace to pick up then! And I’ll be at TechEd USA next month and I’ll be doing my usual live blogging there. My focus will be anything hybrid cloud – there’s no point in me attending classic WinServ sessions because they were all done last year in one form or another.

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