KB2920193 – Virtual Hard Disk Can’t Be Created On WS2012 SMB Share Without Resiliency

Another hotfix, KB2920193, has been released by Microsoft, this time to deal with a scenario where a virtual hard disk cannot be created on an SMB server without resiliency support from a Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 computer.

Assume that you have a computer that has Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 installed and you are connected to a server share across a SMB2 link that does not support resiliency. Resiliency is an optional feature beginning with SMB 2.1 and some SMB2 implementations do not support resiliency. Then, you experience one of the following issues:

  • When you use Windows Server Backup, you receive the following error message: Backup failed to complete. There was a failure in preparing the backup image.
  • When you use Hyper-V manager to create a VHD or VHDX, you receive the following error message: The filename \<system><share>New Virtual Hard Disk.vhdx is reserved for use by Windows.
  • When you try to mount an .ISO image by right-clicking on the .ISO file in Explorer and select mount from the right-click menu, you receive the following error message: sorry there was a problem mounting the file.
  • When you use the Win32 API, CreateVirtualDisk() fails.

Uhhh, SMB 2? Huh? Just use WS2012 on all ends to stick with SMB 3.0 and avoid this issue.

A hotfix is available from Microsoft

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