Nokia Launches A Windows RT Tablet

In addition to 2 new Windows Phone tablets, Nokia launched “Sirius” which is officially called the Lumia 2520.  This is a Windows RT tablet.  On first impressions:

  • It looks much nicer than Surface 2
  • The camera looks impressive, even if it’s not a patch on what Nokia puts in the phones
  • Yes it is more expensive than Surface, but that’s because it includes an LTE modem, which usually adds $100 to the cost of a tablet.

All looks good but:

  • It runs Windows RT.  It might has well have a MIPS processor IMO.  I reckon Windows RT will be dead within 12-18 months of Ballmer leaving Microsoft, probably replaced by a rebranded Windows Phone on ARM devices (phones to 8” tablets).
  • It only has 32 GB storage.  Remember, that was the Surface RT that no one wanted, not that many wanted a Surface RT to begin with.  32 GB is just too small.  Nokia has a bad habit of screwing the pooch on storage, e.g. the Lumia 925 only has 16 GB.  And no, SkyDrive does not make up for this shortcoming.  LTE/3G is not omnipresent.
  • The keyboard cover is u-g-l-y.  Why the frak can’t they (Microsoft and Nokia) learn from the past and just do a clamshell keyboard that works, unlike the non-hinged unusable and space-inefficient stuff they repetitively throw at us?  The Nokia cover looks like one of those iPad covers from 3 years ago.
  • The Surface organisation will kill the Lumia tablet in a few months when MSFT gets the OK to take over Nokia.
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