Event–TechDays San Francisco

MVPs in the San Francisco Bay Area are sponsoring two virtualization events for the IT Pro community.

The first event is this Friday October 11 from 9am-4pm and is an introduction to all of the new features in Hyper-V features found in Server 2012.  (Combination of lecture and live demos given by MVPs who have been working on a larger Hyper-V deployment.)  Feel free to stop by or refer IT Professional who would like a crash course on the features in Hyper-V.

The second event will be in November the Thursday and Friday 14-15 November.  This event will be a deep dive two day event to discuss the technical details of Hyper-V.   Our goal is to make IT Pros an expert in Hyper-V in two days.

I will be attending and speaking at the second event.  I’m looking forward to the event, if not the actual travel and jetlag – earlier that week I’m speaking in Berlin, Germany, just 9 time zones ahead Confused smile  The line up of speakers that is being arranged is quite impressive.  And I’ve only ever presented on the east coast of the USA.

It’s just a pity that schedules didn’t line up better and allowed me to attend a 49ers game, but I am going to their @ Jaguars game in London in a few weeks.  But hey. maybe next time in the new stadium Smile