Event – Last Chance To Register For “Transform The Data Centre” In London

Don’t be a fool – make sure you go to the Transform The Data Centre event in London next Tuesday (September 10th) where a bunch of MVPs will be talking about Window Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2.


The agenda:

  • 08:45 Savision: Keynote
  • 09:45 David Allen, MVP: Licensing and what is supported when virtualized with Windows 2012 and System Center?
  • 10:15: Me: An hour stuffed to the gills with Hyper-V and related tech info and demos
  • 11:15 Break: There’s no time for breaks goddamit!  That 15 minutes is mine!!!!
  • 11:30 Damian Flynn, MVP: How to manage your Virtual Environments effectively with System Center Virtual Machine Manager
  • 12:45: Lunch: Only wussies break for lunch.  Must talk with Damian about us taking over the stage Open-mouthed smile
  • 1:45 Gordon McKenna, MVP: Managing any size data centers is by no means an easy task
  • 14:45 Break: More breaks than a KitKat factory
  • 15:00 Simon Skinner, MVP (and the organiser in chief): Let’s not forget the applications!
  • 16:10 Gordon McKenna and David Allen, MVPs: Where next? The future is already here today!
  • 17:10 Q&A … Myself and Damian will probably have to leave for our flights so ask us any questions during breaks/lunches

This event is part of a series of session that are going on next week.  Microsoft UK DPE Andrew Fryer has details of all the days on his blog.

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