Adding A Disk To A SOFS Clustered Storage Pool

Say you need to add a disk to a Scale-Out File Server where you are using Storage Spaces on a JBOD.  You add some disks to the JBOD … and then what?  You browse into Failover Clustering and there’s no way to add a disk there.

Instead, open up Server Manager, connected to on of the SOFS nodes:

  1. Browse to File And Storage Services > Volumes > Storage Pools.
  2. You should see the new disks here as Primordial devices.  Right-click on the storage pool you want to expand, not the primordial devices.  Select Add Physical Disk.
  3. Select the disks and choose the allocation (hot spare, etc). 


That’s that.  There’s no painful expansion process as in RAID.  You now have new raw space that the storage pool will use as required.

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