TechEd NA: Enabling On-Premises IaaS Solutions with the Windows Azure Pack

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Speakers: Mark Umeno and Eric Winner

I missed the first 10 minutes of the session.  This place is huge and it can take over 30 minutes to walk from one end to another.  Doesn’t look like I missed anything: user experience demo once again.

The IaaS Architecture

You can hook up an SPF call to an Orchestrator runbook.


Using VMM Roles


Service Admin Gallery

  • Import and manage gallery items – resource definition package
  • Publish/un-publish gallery items to tenants – immediate impact when un=publishing

Tenant VM Features:

Cloud OS virtual machine role

  • Scale out and in
  • update settings
  • upgrade to a new version
  • change networks
  • start/stop/shutdown/etc

Enabling console access.

VMs can be on isolated network and Windows/Linux or no OS.

Requires RDP client that support RDPTLSv2


Over to Eric Winner

Virtual Machine Role Deep Dive


The top line is conceptual.  Virtual machine role is the deployed instance.  The gallery is a catalogue of templates.  There are artefacts under each gallery item.  Main 3:

  • Role view – refers to UI
  • Role resource definition – refers to config
  • Role resource extension – refers to apps


A cloud service (hidden) is a VM role container.  In the container, is one or more VMs.


The viewdef is about the presentation layer.

Then stuff was shown and said.  Confused smile  Lots of “JSOC” (or something) code.  It wasn’t pretty.

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