What Gartner Says Of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Versus vSphere 5.1

I previously did a comparison of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V versus vSphere 5.1 and the response I got from VMware made me laugh out loud so much that my colleagues thought I’d gone crazy. I was told by a well informed person that VMware formed a team to attack me Smile Seriously guys!?!? Little ol’ me, a blogger?

So what will VMware do to attack Gartner?  This is what Gartner vice-president and distinguished analyst Carl Claunch said, according to Computer Weekly:

If you are beginning to move to the cloud then Hyper-V is worth a serious look

That’s because we know that VMware’s management is inferior and is integrated if you consider a rename and change of icon as integration, like CA did with their Unicenter TNG framework back in the 1990s.  VMware has nothing that comes any way close to touching System Center, and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V is “built from the cloud up”.

Windows Server 2012 is more advanced than VMware

Woops! Smile We know that a big reason that people use virtualization is flexibility. How do they compare here in Gartner’s opinion?

Hyper-V is much more flexible

That’s gotta hurt if you once touted vMotion as the best thing since sliced bread. But vMotion is inferior to Live Migration now.

Hyper-V is a viable alternative to VMware. Microsoft has improved the product’s position

Hey Tad, are you and your minions going to attack Gartner in your blog and on Twitter now?

One thought on “What Gartner Says Of Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Versus vSphere 5.1”

  1. I’m a Hyper-V fan, but am finding the lack of SC 2012 SP1 availability quite worrying. How does one currently manage, backup a WS 2012 environment?

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