VMLimited Special Forces Go To War

I had a very good laugh yesterday.  I was sitting in a conference room, waiting for the first session to start when this happened:

The guy (who is pretty well connected in business) that is sitting in front of me turned around and said:

I’m guessing by the Irish accent that you’re Aidan Finn.

I respond that I am … waiting cautiously for what comes next …

I want to shake the hand of the guy that caused VMware to create a team to attack him.

Oh did I laugh!  To think that Tad and his dark army of the past had to form a special forces team to misquote my blog, take facts out of context, put it all in their “independent” blog, and spam Twitter with their propaganda and trolling “you suck” tweets.  By the way, boys, this only shows how weak you feel right now.

Unlike Tad who works in VMware’s marketing and compete unit, I don’t work for Microsoft.  I’ll call Microsoft on the bad stuff they do, and trust me, I get lots of interesting emails and phone calls as a result of that.  I am independent.  You might disagree with my comments or assessments, but at least they are not those that my employer told me to post Smile

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