Windows 8 Devices At GA

I am no longer maintaining this list.  We’re at GA and it’ll be too hard to track from now on.

Here is my best effort listing of designed-for-Windows 8 devices that will be available at or soon after Windows 8 general availability (GA). I am not including laptops or PCs that are Windows 7 machines that “can be upgraded for 15 quid”.

This is based on best effort.  You’d be amazed how inconsistent some of this information is, e.g. no one was able to agree on the name of the new Toshiba “slider” … it’s actually called the U920, not the U925.

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5 thoughts on “Windows 8 Devices At GA”

    1. Posted excel spreadsheet instead of PDF. Nothing else really presented the info or allowed for easy comparisons.

    1. Me too. I actually lowered it earlier today. Hell, the press can’t even agree on the name of the Toshiba “slider” ultrabook hybrid.

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